Power Play: You're not the story

Power Players keep their eye squarely on the story. They don't look for ways to insert themselves into the mix.

We all come across those people who can (somehow) always make themselves the star of the story. The day could belong to someone else and they somehow steal whatever thunder is on offer. Power Players never pull this lame trick.

If it's not your story, then don't claim it. If it's not about you, then don't try and pretend it is.

Power Players know when to keep the spotlight off them and on the place (or person) it actually belongs.

This is one of those invaluable lessons that you should learn as quickly as you can because it's hard to come back from looking like a spotlight-stealing drama queen.

No one likes a pretend superstar. It lacks class and erodes credibility as well.

Entrepreneur, strategist and author Rose Herceg co-founded Pophouse, specialising in social forecasting, market research and business strategy in 1998 before selling it to STW in 2006.

Until recently Rose was strategy director of the STW Group, working across 70 companies on strategy, social forecasting, trends analysis and innovation. She is currently developing several online start-ups in media and media content.

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