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Bad moon rising on Twiggy epithet

One of our favourite billionaire nicknames, Andrew Forrest's 'Twiggy', might soon be a thing of the past if the West Australian rock kicker has his way.

Forrest yesterday addressed a breakfast function in the friendly confines of resource-fuelled Perth, where he told the crowd he was being addressed by a new handle.

"As I constantly move around the world I have been nicknamed 'The Moon' because I transgress it once a month," the AFR's Rear Window reports today.

Forrest is, of course, referring to his constant travel in his capacity as Fortescue chairman, something he now does in style after acquiring the private jet all the powerful players want: a $53 million 16-seat Bombardier Global Express.

The change shouldn't really come as a surprise. Spokespeople for the mining magnate have said in the past that Forrest doesn't really appreciate the 'Twiggy' sobriquet, which he inherited from his brother David (he's also been referred to in the past as "silver-tongue" for his expert salesmanship).

But that hasn't stopped the press referring to him by the tree-themed epithet (affectionately, of course) and we don't think they'll be calling him 'The Moon' any time soon.

It's the experience of The Power Index that, no matter how powerful you are, self-anointed aliases don't tend to take off that well. Unlike Twiggy's new private jet, that is.

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