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Malcolm Turnbull writes a eulogy … for his dog

This time of year can send us all a little silly. And despite being considered one of our more intelligent politicians, Malcolm Turnbull's no different. So when The Power Index stumbled upon a 1200 word eulogy written by Turnbull for his dog overnight, we thought nothing of it. Then we read it.

And it was kind of moving. So moving that the post has a good 70 supportive comments on it at the time of publishing. Last week's post on Senator Stephen Conroy's National Press Club address -- succinctly titled, "Conroy – Vulgar, Sloppy and Fact-Free" -- received just 22.

Mellie (the dog) did have her own blog on Turnbull's site for some time. Indeed, wrote Turnbull, she was an "excellent political campaigner" and treated like a member of the Turnbull family.

"Dogs are pack animals and they regard their humans as part of their pack," Turnbull wrote in the eulogy published last night. "In our family Mellie was always most concerned that the pack stay together."

Mellie was also very talkative, added Turnbull. "Lots of dogs bark, others are fairly taciturn but Mellie conversed. When we came home at night she was waiting at the front door and then proceeded to give us what sounded like a lecture."

And in typical eulogy fashion, he saved the best for last.

"Why do we love dogs so much? Is it because they are loyal and loving? Is it because they love us for what we are, without judgement? How can it be that in a world of so much human tragedy, so much momentous and terrible change, we shed tears over the death of a little white dog?

"Is it because, as Byron said, our dogs have all the virtues of man, without his vices?"

Mellie died Sunday at the age of 11.

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